Production and Engineering Apprenticeships

Job description

We’re looking for the next generation of RWC employees to help shape a better world. So, if you’re looking to accelerate your career and have the talent and ambition to thrive, we want to hear from you.

RWC offers apprenticeships across a variety of fields from Engineering to Production to Tool making and Injection Moulding, our programme combines educational training, on-the-job experience and one-on-one mentoring, creating the foundation for your future.

Who will it appeal to:

Are you technically minded? Interested in how things work? Looking for a fulfilling and lasting career without having to go the traditional university route? If so, our apprenticeship programme could be for you.

We will pay you an attractive salary during your apprenticeship, even when you are at college! You’ll also learn from experienced colleagues and be trained for a lasting career here at RWC.

Job requirements

To participate in the day-to-day work of the department providing you with training to maximise the development of your skills and also during your stay cooperate fully with the staff in that department.

To carry out all reasonable requests whilst working in any of the company’s departments.

To operate all machines and processes in accordance with accepted and documented procedures.

To develop your hand skill activities using a wide range of tools and equipment and demonstrate the ability to maintain those tools in a safe and operational condition.

To develop your skills in the operation of inspection techniques and manufacturing process

To maintain your apprenticeship portfolio to an acceptable standard and ensure that they are kept up to date for those career routes that the company deem to be appropriate to enable you to obtain national recognition of your skills and competencies

To regularly attend college and fulfil the requirements of those courses to enable a pass grade to be attained by you in those subjects that has been agreed between the Company and the College.

To seek help from the Training Supervisor if you should need help with any parts of your training and this to include college work.

Comply with all current work instructions within the organisation.

Comply fully with all current health, safety & environmental regulations in operation within the company whilst carrying out your duties.

Carry out any reasonable task which falls within your capabilities